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    It is a religious and educational advocacy project that aims to instill in the soul the glorification of God Almighty, by introducing God Almighty and His Names and Attributes, and by calling for the realization of the meanings of servitude and the attainment of the status of benevolence, and by addressing violations that contradict the glorification of God and the glorification of His rituals, all through the implementation of initiatives and the establishment of events. And the preparation of scientific and advocacy materials, read, audio and video.
  • Justifications for the glorification of God project

    (1) The spread of weaknesses in glorifying God among all Muslims.
    (2) The absence of faith and scientific projects that focus on reviving the glorification of God in the hearts.
    (3) The spread of ideas and methods that contradict the reality of glorifying God Almighty.
  • Initiatives that fall under the project's work areas

    1- The field of instilling the unification of Godliness in the hearts.
    2- The field of instilling the unification of divinity in hearts.
    3- The field of publishing the meanings of the Beautiful Names of God and their behavioral effects.
    4- The field of introducing the signs of God Almighty and the greatness of His creatures in the universe.
    5- The field of dealing with violations that contradict the glorification of God Almighty.
    6- The field of employing modern technology in spreading the glorification of God Almighty.
  • Means that serve the project of glorifying God

    Publishing quality publications.
    Holding and organizing meetings and events.
    Building training packages.
    Holding training courses.
    Video clip production.
    Tweeting via social media.
    Publishing the visual products of the project via satellite channels.
    The project of glorifying God.. It is the project of every Muslim man and woman.. Therefore, we open the horizons for every seeker of goodness to participate with us in order to awaken a preacher to glorify God in the souls..
    We ask God Almighty to accept this blessed work purely for his honorable face.. and to help us to carry out his lofty message.. and to achieve his lofty goals.
  • Among the fruits of knowing God Almighty: tranquility

    Tranquility to God, Glory be to Him, is a reality that comes from Him, Glory be to Him, to the heart of His servant, uniting him, and returning his straying heart to Him until it is as if he is sitting in His hands, hearing with Him, seeing with Him, moving with Him, and oppressing Him. His skin, his heart, and his joints are to serve him and draw close to him

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